VR/AR & Emerging Tech, interested in AI & Cryptocurrencies | Co-founder at Unfold UK | Prev. Founding member, Com&Events manager at the Realities Centre.

In the past 7 years, I had the chance to work with amazing Tech Startups in France, USA and UK where I met and learned from successful teams, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.
After following some opportunities in the USA, I started my Virtual Reality journey back to Paris in 2013, before Oculus was a thing. As soon as the modern VR headsets arrived, the market slowly changed and opened the door for a brand new rising ecosystem and a diversity of new actors. I identified here a chance to combine my experience of VR and my will to support entrepreneurs and moved to London looking for new adventures. In London, I not only discovered a dynamic startup hub but also a fantastic tight and welcoming community.

► I co-founded Unfold UK to facilitate inclusion and support all kinds of diversity (gender, origin, sexual orientation, language, skills) in the Immersive technologies, empowering and supporting entrepreneurs and the entire community.

► Interested in mentorship, consulting and proving feedbacks to support innovative entrepreneurs. I am also looking for new opportunities to accelerate and work with tech startups.

► Involved in and fascinated by emerging technologies including VR, AR, AI & Cryptocurrencies.

On the look for new projects and career opportunities in startups investment and early stage VC. Don’t hesitate to download my CV for more details on my experience and competencies!

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For more details about my past experiences, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and download my CV.


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