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Hey, I'm Amandine

Currently based in London, UK, I’ve been supporting innovative startups worldwide for the past 13 years.ย 

I’m here to help you validate your business idea, launch your product, deliver strategic initiatives, grow your team, scale your business operations, increase revenue and reach your next step.

How we can work together

Entrepreneurs need to be surrounded by people who understand what it takes to start, build and grow a business in a fast-paced and uncertain environment.ย 

Still, growing your team while you are figuring out your next steps can quickly become overwhelming and a source of stress.ย 

A fractional or project-based hire like me is particularly advantageous for fast-growing businesses with a pressing need. You benefit from an experienced professional without requiring a long term vision for the role.

We can figure it out together, step by step, as we go.ย 

What they say

"Discussions with Amandine gave me practical insight when I was deciding the right strategy for a major project. Her advice helped to establish a strong foundation for the project's long term success. "
"Amandine is known on the London startup scene for her strong network, thoughtful content and drive to get things done.

I'm excited to see how her next chapter will unfold."
"Working with Amandine was efficient and effective. Her valuable insights were instrumental in securing a large contract for us, and I highly recommend her services and look forward to collaborating with her again.โ€
"Amandine is a great manager. She provides her team with the right balance of guidance and independence, and she was always available to help me out when I faced challenging situations. It was a real pleasure working with her!"

Growing your business

Do you need help with your day-to-day operations, someone to lead cross-functional projects or another pair of eyes and hands on your product delivery? Let’s chat!

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I created a set of 3 free spreadsheets to help you organise your business idea, organise your financials and plan your product launch or project delivery.ย 

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