Amandine Flachs

Award winning entrepreneur supporting startup founders for 12+ years | Startup growth, funding and emerging tech specialist | VC Scout, content creator and public speaker.


Amandine has been supporting startup founders for more than 12 years in France, the USA and the UK. Over the years, she has helped transform technical solutions into understandable commercial offers, launch new innovative products, build communities, and bring technical & non-technical teams together to kickstart new projects and approach new markets. In 2019 she co-founded WildMeta, an AI startup based in London.

Amandine is very much involved in the startup ecosystem as a mentor for a number of initiatives, a VC scout for the London-based seed fund Backed VC, as well as through her series of live AMAs with early-stage founders. For her contribution to the UK startup scene and her work as an entrepreneur, Amandine has been nominated for several awards. In 2021, she won the Entrepreneur Rising Star award by We Are The City (WATC) and was nominated for Venture Beat’s Transform 2021 Women in AI award.

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Founder & CEO

WildMeta aims to help game developers create smarter and more human-like game AIs (bots & non playable entities) using machine learning.

VC Scout

Amandine is a VC scout for Backed VC, a seed venture capital fund based in London. Drop her an email with your deck and a mention to Backed and Amandine will pass it on to the team.


Mentor part of a number of accelerators and startup programmes, Amandine is also a competition assessor and a pitch judge.

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Public Speaking

Amandine is taking part in online and physical events to give solo talks, join or host panel discussions and share her experience. 

Bio, pictures and link to her most recent public speaking appearances are included in the media kit. 

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