Over a decade of experience in emerging technologies supporting innovation

I’ve successfully launched new products, grown international teams, and helped accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

I especially excel at leading cross-functional projects, and connecting the dots between technical and non-technical teams.

Amandine Flachs B&W


You can find my bio, pictures and a list of my most recent press coverage and public speaking in my media kit.

Public speaker

Podcast guest & host

Panel moderator

Dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs

ย I don’t settle for less and am always keen to do the extra mile to go from good to great and help you reach your goals.



Open communication provides clarity on timelines, challenges and next steps. I believe this is the best way to successfully lead cross functional projects and keep everyone on the same page.

Technical innovation

Cutting-edge technologies are about pushing the boundaries and exploring new use cases. I have years of experience working with highly technical teams, connecting the dots with the rest of the business.

No non-sense

Forget the latest trending framework or tools and let's work together to find solutions and systems that best fit your own business, industry and stage.

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