Real-time battery detection

Battery Spotter

Batteries are a common source of energy used in an increasing amount of everyday household items. However, when batteries are no longer useful or no longer hold a charge, they become a hazardous waste. When thrown in the trash, they either end up in landfills where they harm the environment and pose a risk to human health or can be punctured and self-combust if discarded with recycling waste.ย 

An urgent worldwide problem

Unproperly discarded batteries are the cause of massive destructive fires & heavy metal leaks



of battery waste per year by 2030


Fires per year in UK waste processing centres


annual cost of battery waste fires


of Brits never recycled their batteries


Fighting air & soil pollution

Batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can leak into the soil and water, causing pollution and contamination creating a threat for human health. But the problem doesn’t end there. Unproperly discarded batteries are the cause of many fires worldwide.ย 

Easy to get started

Safer recycling facilities

Early battery detection

Reduces fires

Prevents soil pollution

Protects workers

battery spotter real-time monitoring

Alert workers

Display our real-time view to your workers. Every time Battery Spotter detects a battery, a snapshot is taken.

battery spotter dashboard

Data monitoring

Keep track of batteries detected over time from all cameras set up in your facility with our dashboard.


Battery Spotter is open source

All you need to get started is available on GitHub. This repository is available and free for anyone to use.

Building a better future together

Created by


Alexandre Borghi

Former founders of AI startup WildMeta, Alex and Amandine are committed to solving tangible problems using technology to build a more sustainable future.ย 

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